We support local schools, PTAs, PTOs, Booster Clubs and Sports Organizations.  Whether your needs are for an elementary school, middle school, high school, or college; we can accommodate your school’s event. 

Open house events, Family Night, Sporting event and End of year Celebrations. Festivals and Carnivals All Year Round, Mandi’s Candies and Ice Cream Trucks is a great addition to any school event and a huge hit with children of all ages! Treat your Children, Parents, and Faculty to a special treat from My Truck by a catered afternoon or evening desert! We also offer ourselves as a fundraising tool for your school to generate much needed funds! Or on a regular basis as needed.

Pre-Sales/Ticket Sales:  Select menu items and charge a flat fee for those menu items using tickets. A certain amount or percentage of each sale would go to your organization for the fundraiser; the remainder would go to Mandi’s Candies & Ice Cream Trucks.
Co-Op Fundraising:  Negotiate a percentage of the total sales for a particular day, or group of days, sales.

Book Me Now for your: Corporate Event, Employee & Customer Appreciation Days, Weddings, Anniversary, Fire Drills, Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Fund Raisers, Beach Parties, School Events, Graduation, Memorials, Car Dealerships, Birthdays, Family Parties and Reunions, Baby Shower,  Product Launches, Trade-Shows, Community Events, Music Festivals, and so much more!

We cater everywhere! A travel fee may apply depending on the distance to your event; exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.Clients are responsible for obtaining any and ALL permits and their associated costs related to their event.

Schools & Fundraising